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Pay low to zero down payment!

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Using my Realtor and Investor experience, I have compiled a list of steps and methods to buy your home for little to no down payment! Many of these methods are not well known!

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    Revealed: the simple steps you must do to start the process of buying your home.
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    These methods can be used over and over again and not locked to first time home buyers.
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    Discover The options many other professionals don't even know about! USDA, FHA, Down Payment Assistance, Ect.

This guide will teach you:


The methods I have discovered thus far.

Methods of how some of my clients have purchased homes for as low as low as $46 down payment!


How to start the process of getting pre approved

Tips on what to work on before speaking to a lender and what to ask them. Sometimes most of the money saved will be done in the preparation!


When to shop for lenders

When to shop around and what info to bring to each lender to have them fight for your business! 


Tips on finding the perfect home for you

How to start the process of buying a home with me! Oscar "The People's Agent" Cardenas

All this can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to stop paying someone elses mortgage and own your own home!

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